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How does the EVI technology in a Hydron-Aire EVi heat pump allow it to run down to -30C?

winter storm

Electronic vapor injection (EVI) is used in the refrigeration system of a Hydron-Aire EVi air-to-water heat pump. It’s this technology that allows it to run efficiently in cold climates. Here’s how EVI works in a refrigeration system in cold climates:

  1. A refrigerant economizer heat exchanger with its own electronic expansion valve actively controls the refrigerant superheat and subcooling to prevent liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor at extremely cold temperatures.
  2. The heat pump’s compressor has two suction inlets instead of one. In low temperatures, a portion of refrigerant gas is reinjected into the second compressor connection to lower the total pressure difference the compressor must work against.
  3. Our system uses a variable-speed compressor to adjust the refrigerant flow rate to maintain performance in extremely cold temperatures.

The Weather Network wrote this article about running a heat pump in northern climates.

Overall, an EVI refrigeration system in cold climates can provide more precise control over the temperature and reduce energy consumption compared to a traditional refrigeration system. These additional components ensure it runs reliably all year long.