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Discover reliable, flexible and efficient heating and cooling solutions for your home.

Concerned about rising energy costs? Want a high-efficiency heating and cooling solution at a reasonable cost?

The EVI Air to Water Heat Pump is the best choice.

Heat pumps are a proven technology that has been used for decades, both in Canada and globally, to efficiently provide heating, cooling, and hot water to buildings.

The Hydron-Aire EVI Air to Water Heat Pump is Manitoba’s most efficient air source solution on the market today. It has approximately 3 to 4 times greater thermal efficiency than natural gas and uses innovative hydronic technology to supply energy to your home, including:

• Both heating and cooling; no need for a separate air conditioning unit
• Radiant floor heating and cooling
• Domestic hot water

evi air to water heat pump

evi hot water tank

Hydron-Aire stands behind the products we recommend for all home or business heat pump system installations.

Together, these products create a system that allows for multiple comfort zones to be maintained more efficiently than traditional systems. EVi is suitable for residential and commercial new builds or retrofits.

Let us design the perfect solution for your next project!


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