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How long it takes to switch from a furnace to a heat pump

The demand for energy-efficient heating solutions has led many homeowners to consider replacing thei…

can heat pumps work at -30?

How does the EVI technology in a Hydron-Aire EVi heat pump allow it to run down to -30C?

Electronic vapor injection (EVI) is used in the refrigeration system of a Hydron-Aire EVi air-to-wat…

House demolition

Green Home Renos Save Money

Retrofitting your home with energy efficient appliances can help save on utilities long term as well…

How cold is too cold for your heat pump to work?

Most provinces feel the unrelenting brunt of the cold Canadian winters. This frigid season, some of …

manitoba hydro logo

Cold climate air source heat pumps – Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro breaks down the 2 main types of cold climate air source heat pumps and their benefits…