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Hydron-Aire stands behind the products we recommend for all home or business heat pump system installs. Together, these products create a system that allows for multiple comfort zones to be maintained more efficiently than traditional systems.

Aire EVi Air to Water Heat Pumps

Available in sizes 035, 050, 060 and 080 with variable speed EVi compressor and variable speed fans.

Hydron-EVi 5X4A1788
HSS Air Handler

B & D Air Handlers and Pumps

Available air handlers in sizes ranging from 1-5 tons w/ 10- or 15-kw electric backup and 5 speed ECM
fans. Also available are 26-116 hydronic pumps

Hydron-Aire Thermal Energy Storage Tanks

Available storage tank @ 30 gallons w/ 12kw of backup heat and domestic hot water tank @ 50 gallons with a 6 kw heater

TPP EVi indirect tank
EVI Indirect Tank
Braeburn thermostat and phone

Braeburn Thermostats

Available WIFI programmable thermostats with app control

HBX Controls

Available zone controls, thermostats, outdoor resets, sensors, and zone stats

HBX THM 0600
Wilo Star S 33 FC - 60hz

Wilo Pumps

Available Wilo Star S model pumps