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Hydron-Aire has been providing leading edge, international award-winning innovation in heat pump technology since 1975. Hydron-Aire stands behind the products we recommend for all home or business heat pump system installs. Together, these products create a system that allows for multiple comfort zones to be maintained more efficiently than traditional systems.
EVi is suitable for residential and commercial new builds or retro fits. Let us design the perfect solution for your next project.

Aire EVi Air to Water Heat Pumps

Available in sizes 035, 050, 060 and 080 with variable speed EVi compressor and variable speed fans

Hydron-EVi 5X4A1788

Hydron-Aire Thermal Energy Storage Tanks

Can be wired for 6 KW or 12 KW of auxiliary heat
Built in 230V pump relay
Built in low voltage transformer
1-1/2 inch standard connection size
Low standby heat loss with 2 inch foam insulation
High-impact composite jacket material which cannot rust or corrode

EVI Indirect Tank
EVI Indirect Tank


Heavy Duty Construction & High Efficiency
A seamless ½ inch cement lining provides long tank life
Plastic jacket will not rust, scratch or dent eliminating damage and is maintenance free
2 inch thick polyurethane foam insulation when combined with the cement lining allows less than 0.3F heat loss per hour

No Sacrificial Anode Rod
Reduces operation expenses by eliminating periodic inspection and replacement costs associated with maintaining an anode rod

Factory installed and removable heat exchanger w/ unique cold water diffuser
Field removable heat exchanger with top of tank connections
Diffuser constantly washes the heat exchanger and reduces mineral build up by 50%
Counterflow design increases heat exchanger output by more than 20%


HSS Air Handler

B & D Air Handlers and Pumps

Available air handlers in sizes ranging from 1-5 tons w/ 10- or 15-kw electric backup and 5 speed ECM
fans. Also available are 26-116 hydronic pumps

Braeburn Thermostats

Available WIFI programmable thermostats with app control

Braeburn thermostat and phone
HBX THM 0600

HBX Controls

Available zone controls, thermostats, outdoor resets, sensors, and zone stats

Wilo Pumps

Available Wilo Star S model pumps

Wilo Star S 33 FC - 60hz

Maintenance and service


Depending on the needed service, certain skilled trades may be required to perform the task. A refrigeration mechanic would be needed to service any part of the refrigeration system while a plumber could repair leaks to water lines. An electrician may be required for any electrical servicing. Fortunately, most mechanical service companies employ all these trades so it wouldn’t be hard to get assistance.

Like most heating and cooling systems, a seasonal check-up is required. The outdoor heat pump needs to be inspected for dirt and debris blocking the fans and coil which can affect the efficiency of the unit. The outdoor unit should also be checked annually for refrigerant levels and pressure. Inside the home, there may be air filters or water filters that need changing. Additional maintenance may be suggested by the installer depending on the system application for your home or building.

An air to water heat pump can last up to 20 years or longer if properly maintained. External factors such as install location and local climate can have a bearing on the heat pumps life span.

We stock almost all replacement parts at our warehouse in Manitoba, Canada. For more information on Hydron-Aire click here


Like any comfort system, the heat loss of the home or building is calculated. Once the heating and cooling requirements are determined, a system can be selected to meet those needs.

Depending on the application and complexity of the system design, the installation process can range from 1 to 3 days. To find a dealer near you click here. 



Hydron-Aire stands behind the products we recommend for all home or business heat pump system installs.

Check out our warranty by clicking here.